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Stationery Subscription Box

Stationery Subscription Box

Stationery Subscription Box

Rs. 5,750.00

Rs. 6,000.00


SHIP NOW: September Box / subscribe to the next box.

India's first ever monthly subscription of Origin One stationery and design products.

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What's in the box? 
In the next mystery box, you will receive an amazing selection of Origin One products at your doorstep. We can't tell you what's in it, we don't want to spoil the surprise! It's different every month, we're sure you'll love them all. 

When does it ship?
You may choose to start your subscription immediately by choosing SHIP NOW or start with the next mystery box that ships on the 25th (+/- 3) of every month; we ship worldwide.

Ship Now?
Ship Now orders ship within 24-48 hours except for Sundays. If you select Ship Now with a 3/6/12 month subscription, you will receive the first box immediately, the next on the 25th and then every 25th.

If the One Time / Ship Now option is selected, we will ship the current months box, for eg. orders placed between 26th of March - 24th April with the ship now option, you will receive the March box.

Can I buy it for someone else?
Gifting is easy, simply fill in the recipients details in the Shipping details page. 

25th December - January box - NEW YEAR EDITION

25th January - February box - SOCIAL & CORRESPONDENCE

25th February - March box - TRAVEL BOX

25th March - April box - ELEVATED BASICS

25th April - May box - NOMAD EDITION

25th May - June box - ELEVATED BASICS


25th July - August box - HOME & KITCHEN

25th August - September box - ELEVATED BASICS

25th September - October box 

25th October - November box 

25th November - December box

25th December - January box 



Have a look at the products on our website and their prices to get an idea of what to expect. The total value of products in the box will add up to more than what you're paying for it. Contents change every month. If you specifically want a product from our site, we recommend buying it separately. Contents of the next box are generally revealed  a week after they ship on the 25th.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to call us +919811510755